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Norton Youth Football Board Members

Norton Youth Football and Cheer holds monthly board meetings on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 6:00pm at Finnys Sports Pub and Grill party room. Active members in good standing of Norton Youth Football and Cheer are welcome to attend board meetings.  Please contact the board Secretary to confirm the meeting time and location.

Jeromy  Clark

Jeromy Clark


Phone: 330-283-5174

Becky Wright

Becky Wright


Phone: 330-603-3081

Paul  Eader

Paul Eader


Phone: 330-414-2433

Cindy Emerson

Cindy Emerson

Cheer Director

Phone: 330-730-5030

Kiara Meyers

Kiara Meyers


Phone: 330-714-9610

Andre Johnson

Andre Johnson

Equipment Manager

Phone: 615-428-0838

Krissy  Clark

Krissy Clark

Concession Manager

Phone: 330-289-2664

Jimmie Ralston

Jimmie Ralston

Field Manager

Phone: 330-620-3845

Jackie  Beres

Jackie Beres

Ways and Means

Phone: 847-533-9295